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Laquisha Q Diamond Rucker is a poet, performer, community advocate, event planner and production/stage manager. She developed a love for the arts as a young child and has been performing and writing since grade school. Affectionately known as “Q Diamond”, Laquisha has performed in front of many audiences throughout the area including: African American Family Day at the Empire State Plaza, Proctors Poetry in Motion, WAMC's The Linda, Steamer 10, The Comedy Works, local colleges, churches, fundraisers and  of course CURVENTION. 


Laquisha has taken very active roles in performance and management as a member of Urban Guerilla Theater, a local performance group and  Her Temple Monologues, a local women empowerment group. In recent days, Laquisha works with the Black Theatre Troupe of Upstate NY  as Stage Manager.  She has partnered with a host of other organizations in the community to help produce performance/fashion shows, fundraisers, expos and raise awareness on social issues. Working within these spaces sharpened her skills.  Laquisha was able to gain knowledge, experience and make a name for herself in the community.  

Q Diamond is known to shake things up in small intimate venues or large crowds, but her passion is the work she does behind the scenes.  As Creative Director for CURVENTION, her role is to develop the breath and vision of each event, recruit community businesses, vendors, designers, and artists to assist with the schematics of the production and provide artistic coaching to performers/models.  Laquisha oversees all business matters related to CURVENTION in addition to managing staff and rehearsal. 

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