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Winell "Akeba Bin Ladin" Jones has been a model and performer for CURVENTION since its inception.  As an avid writer, she decided to pursue her craft further and challenge herself; joining Urban Guerilla Theater in 2013 to share her best work on stages across the 518.  Akeba also released her first Poetry CD, "Unexpected" in 2015.
In addition to being a CURVENTION artist, Winell
 serves as the Sponsorship Liaison.  Added as a staff member due to her administrative talents and contracts expertise. Winell is charged with overseeing the contracts associated with CURVENTION.  This includes, but is not limited to, performers, the band, DJ, sponsors, and vendors.  In addition, Ms. Jones will now be lending her professional talents  to the empowerment arm of Curvention. She has designed two of three model workshops centering on self awareness/confidence and teamwork. Winell also assists with all matters of production as assigned. 

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